Owa Dark Blue Rain Poncho

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A Navy Blue Poncho that blends perfectly with rainy weather! ☂️

The Owa dark blue rain poncho is a classic of its kind, it has an indigo blue and a black tint because this poncho is reversible. You can put it on both sides according to your desire and your needs. The two sides are identical except for the color but they are both waterproof thanks to their composition in waterproof polyester which will allow you to stay dry whatever the weather. It also has a well-thought-out storage bag, which fits perfectly in your handbag so you can go out with your friends without worrying about the weather. 🌤️

Details of this Poncho:

  • Composition: waterproof polyester fiber
  • One size (see chart below). 
  • Double-sided color: indigo blue and black 🖤💙
  • Clever storage pocket
  • Details: hood
  • Lightweight, easy to store, quick-drying
  • Perfect for going to an open-air! 🎵

Dark Blue Rain Poncho

 Front length (cm)
Back length (cm)
Bust size (cm)
75 95 137

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