Fur Poncho

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The Luxurious Fur Poncho 💎

Ideal for winter, the fur poncho is a must-have for glamorous and modern dressings. We find it more and more often on the front of the fashion scene during the shows of major houses for example or worn by stars. The unique charm of this garment comes from its design. Formerly used to protect from wind, cold, and dirt during the working days, it covers the whole upper body by adapting to all types of morphologies, even your head is covered thanks to large hoods. Unlike the Poncho Sweater, our fur ponchos are worn like a coat and have large practical pockets and a soft furry hood to accompany you throughout your winter evenings. ❄️

This great jacket is now a favorite among trendy piece lovers. It goes with everything and gives an undeniable asset to your outfit, perfect to dress up a casual style or an evening dress, the fur poncho is chic on all occasions. For a winter outing, whether it's ice skating on a frozen lake or going out to a prestigious party with your friends, this poncho will give your look a touch of femininity that you will appreciate for sure! 🥂

The Advantages of the Fur Poncho 🔝

Beyond being a distinguished fashion garment, the fur poncho has many qualities such as
- The freedom of movement it offers to your arms
- Easy to put on thanks to a large neckline
- It fits perfectly to your silhouette with the possibility of hanging it on your chest. You can play with different styles by leaving your poncho open or closed.
- Warm and soft, its thick weave and large cut protect you with a rare elegance against the cold.
- It easily adapts to your look while keeping an unmistakable touch of femininity.
- The faux fur used respects the environment and ensures you a softness at each of your trips with your friends.
Today, the fur poncho has found a place among our celebrities, and more than ever it is a fashionable accessory that you must have in your modern wardrobe. 🛍️

Our Fur Poncho 〽️

In our store, you will find a wide choice of models in different colors and designs, from the most classic plain fur poncho with red, blue, black, white shades to the original and trendy patterns with these Aztec motifs, leopard print, or vintage checkered poncho, there is bound to be the Fur poncho that will highlight your feminine look. Add to this, a pair of ankle boots or pumps and you are ready for unforgettable moments that you will remember for a long time. 📸

The acrylic and faux fur composition is part of an eco-responsible approach, respectful of the environment and animals. The faux fur used is synthetic and guarantees comfort and softness that you will not be able to do without. For maintenance, we advise you to wash it cold and by hand if possible, avoid wringing it out, and dry it flat so as not to deform the shape of your poncho and enjoy its seductive side for years!