Rain Poncho

Women's Poncho

The Rain Poncho ☔

There are many occasions when a rain poncho is an undeniable asset. This large waterproof cape is designed to shelter you from the wind and various weather conditions you may encounter when you go outside. Available in one size that fits all, this waterproof hooded cape promises to keep you dry at all times.

Naturally, outdoor camping enthusiasts and hikers have made this an essential piece of clothing for their outings. It fits easily into a backpack and has many uses that are essential for comfort and well-being during a mountain expedition. More practical than an umbrella, it also allows you to have your hands free if you have to pitch your tent in the rain. 🏕️

Advantages of the Rain Poncho 💦

This protection was thought at the base for the cyclists, light and practical, it is arranged and put on quickly in order to remain dry. Its waterproof polyester weave that makes up the entire hooded fabric of the rain poncho allows you to be completely covered from head to toe while leaving you a great deal of freedom of movement allowing you to protect yourself from wind and water in all situations. In order not to clutter you up, it fits perfectly in your backpack thanks to its storage pocket that allows you to always have it on hand, perfect for going to an outdoor music festival! 🎶

The main use of this cape is, like an umbrella, to keep you protected from the rain, without having to worry about the wind turning your umbrella upside down or holding it for that matter. Plus it offers extra storage with a large center pocket, handy for your compass and map during your adventures! 🗺️🧭

Our Rain Poncho Collection 🌧️

Discover through our range of women's rain ponchos, from classic models with plain colors to more modern ones with multicolored patterns, whether it's for a festival, a bike ride, or to reach the top of a mountain during an expedition with your friends, you'll always appreciate the comfort of this unique garment that will last for years! 

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