Ikigaï Blue Cape Poncho

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The Ikigaï Poncho, an infinite blue river 🌊

Classic in its kind, the Ikigaï blue poncho is a classic of the new generation poncho. Its mesh weave allows a great softness, without fraying, for a long time! The Ikigaï cape offers a multitude of blue colors, from light to navy blue and purple. Its straight cut offers a fashionable effect perfectly in the air of time. The Ikigaï blue cape is easily paired with a hat, black pants, and sneakers. 👟

Details of this Poncho:

  • Fringe cut 🇺🇸
  • Composition: 76% polyester, 24% acrylic
  • One size fits all
  • Size: 130 x 155 cm
  • Pattern: Multifaceted with bluish hues 🌃
  • Style: Contemporary poncho 💙
  • Easy to put on, comfortable and warm
  • Hand wash recommended, spinning strongly discouraged
  • Iron on low, wrinkle out, let dry flat
  • Perfect for an impromptu trip! ✈️

Blue Poncho

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