Poncho Sweater

Women's Poncho

The Poncho Sweater: The Classic 〽️

The poncho sweater is the classic of ponchos, that's what comes to mind directly when we think of this garment with such a singular character. The characteristic hood of this poncho sweater allows to protect you from the wind in all seasons. Often the poncho is considered a winter garment because it was mainly composed of alpaca wool and a thick weave that allowed Native American tribes to fight against the cold while keeping freedom of movement in the arms to continue working no matter the outside temperature. 🌡️

Since then, this hoodie has gradually become a reference in the fashion world. Adopting lighter fabrics, this garment is adapted to the hard winter days but also to the summer evenings in order to cover you while offering you comfort and softness that you will appreciate during your next outings with friends. 

We see it more and more in the streets and its urban look conquered the heart of lovers of original pieces. Highlighted by many stars like Justin Bieber, Asap Rocky, Kate Hudson, or Taylor Swift, this large practical cape combines perfectly with your outfit. The many patterns and shades that color our ponchos allow to adapt with all your dressing for a style in vogue. 🔝

Our Different Types of Ponchos Sweater 🧥

We put forward a collection of poncho sweaters that includes all the classics of this timeless garment. Whether they are made of wool or cotton, with a modern black color or vintage patterns that recall the rich history of this protective cape, our ponchos are available in one size that perfectly fits all body types so that everyone is entitled to the unique well-being that this loose-fitting fabric provides.

Between a big scarf or a light coat, it can be worn with blue jeans and a pair of sneakers for a casual look or you can play on a much more feminine and glamorous look by combining it with an evening outfit and a straw hat for a bohemian style in the air of time! 

For a more sporty and adventurous look, discover our range of Rain Poncho, ideal for hiking in the forest or for a day of kayaking. 🚣‍♀️