What Type of Poncho to Wear?

What Type of Poncho to Wear? -

What Type of Poncho to Wear?

Looking for a new look? It's always good to try something new to break the chain of sartorial monotony. Have you ever seen recently on the social media that some of your favorite fashion icons or influencers are wrapped in a poncho? This will also suit you perfectly especially during the fall season. You need to be warm, without forgetting the chic effect in a new style with the poncho. In this post, take a detour into the wonderful world of ponchos to stay warm and follow the trends adopted by models.


Still known as a shawl a poncho is a garment that you can easily wear to put on over your various outfits. To be exact, all you have to do is drape it over your shoulders. When you want to get a more fitted and cute outfit, this garment hangs from your body. When closed, the poncho rolls up and opens slightly in the front. This overcoat is a better way to have fun with layering and colors. Indeed, the poncho is a garment specially adapted to the fall season. It keeps the back, shoulders warm at an ideal temperature as would a jacket. This does not limit its use, you can wear it in summer according to your desires especially with an openwork poncho. In this case, you will have to adopt a look that will allow you to enjoy your sunny days. When not in use, the poncho can be folded. This is what makes it very practical, because you can take it with you. Unlike a jacket, it is a soft and light garment, which is perfect for the colder fall weather.


During the fall seasons, ponchos are an ally in dealing with the cold. You know the weather is unpredictable. When you leave your house while it may be warm, sometimes the weather decides otherwise and the cold takes over. If you have your poncho, just throw it on over your outfit. That way, your day continues while you're cozy underneath. The weather can come back at any time. In that case, simply fold the poncho and take it with you. Despite all these benefits of the poncho, it is also possible to use it as a blanket and place it over your legs to keep you warm. In short, the list of possibilities is not exhaustive with this garment. You can then create your own styles from this moment to feel the pleasure of the poncho.


How to create your own style with the poncho? It is very easy to answer this question. The first thing to remember is that the poncho is easy to match with your wardrobe and adds value to your style. Poncho clothing is easy to put on with any outfit to create a more comfortable and slightly different look. For example, you can wear it over a shirt and pants or jeans to change your color look. Likewise, you can put it over a dress to complete the layers. Adopting the poncho is the best way to change an outfit that you have worn several times. In our women's poncho collection you will find several colors to match your outfits. It's up to you to see what will work best for you to dress like a poncho pro.

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The poncho has the advantage of being easily worn with any other outfit. This means that it can perfectly fit any style. With this accessory, you can easily achieve a simple yet chic look. Do you want a daytime outfit that is both easy to create and stylish? Just pair a hooded poncho with a slim fit jeans or pants, finishing the look with sneakers. This fashion gem can be perfectly paired with a white shirt over bootcut jeans.

In addition to this style, you can also create a sophisticated look by trying a more sober model in charcoal gray color with a pair of slim mock or leather pants and a white top. If you dream of a sexy touch to bring during the winter, opt for a long model. It should be split on the sides, wear it like a dress with opaque tights and a nice pair of boots. In any case, you must prefer the most worn ponchos around the world in terms of manufacture.


The list of the most worn ponchos around the world is long. Nevertheless, it is important to remember the main ones. These are the wool poncho, the fur poncho, the acrylic poncho.


The wool poncho is increasingly gaining the market, because it has many advantages for the user. For example, it provides a strong warmth, especially when you opt for alpaca wool. The latter is 7 times warmer than that obtained from sheep. Soft to the touch, the wool poncho does not scratch you, even if you have very sensitive skin. It is more resistant, which allows you to wear it several times. In addition to these advantages, it is hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory. The latter means that it can keep you warm in the cold.


The acrylic poncho has become a must-have in the world of clothing. Soft and silky to the touch, it offers such a warm effect that you can confuse it with a wool poncho. It is true that it maintains its place in the dressing room for all seasons, but it is a special garment for winter. The material itself has a very high diathermic power, which allows the poncho to transmit heat. In addition, it will be very easy to maintain your poncho, because the fibers do not wrinkle. These fibers are made to stop the momentum of UV.


Warm and especially aesthetic, the fur poncho knows how to perfect your style. It has become trendy, so that the major brands of ready-to-wear have now given it a place of choice in their collection. The advantages of this type of poncho are numerous. It is practical and has a strong capacity to protect against the cold. It is simply a garment that combines the useful with the pleasant.

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