TOP 5 Best Looks with a Poncho For Women

Best Look with Women's Poncho -

TOP 5 Best Looks with a Poncho For Women

The poncho has undoubtedly become the centerpiece and lever of women's clothing style whether to display a stylish look in autumn, winter, or even summer. With real fashion advantages, it is considered an important lever in the trendy clothing style and it adapts to all styles. Opting for the poncho is to opt for the guarantee of displaying a worked and chic style while keeping an appearance of modesty. So, what are the best styles with a poncho for women?

Nuance between Poncho And Cape

Before we start listing the best poncho styles that are trending for women right now, it is essential to show the nuance that exists between a poncho and a cape so as not to get confused. Thus, the poncho and the cape are in the same family and refer to pieces with similar styles. They differ in a few details.

In addition, the fabric of a poncho is made in geometric shapes. These geometric shapes are such as squares or rectangles. The poncho has an opening that allows the head to enter and only that. On the other hand, the cape looks like a jacket with a collar and provided with a closing system. However, as fashion evolves, the poncho has become more and more valuable and important in clothing style. It is used more because of the simple look it brings as well as its sophisticated nature. So what are the 5 most fashionable looks with a women's poncho?

Women's Poncho

1- The Hooded Poncho with Skinny Jeans and Sneakers 👟

The hooded poncho with faux fur and a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers is the first trendy style on the list. Indeed, the main asset that a poncho offers is that it has the ability to adapt to all styles regardless of the accessories that previously accompanied the user's style.  Thus, the poncho fits very well with bootcut jeans, it also fits with a white shirt. This style is all the easier to create or combine and is at the same time very sophisticated.

2 - Assembly between a Poncho and Slim Pants 👖

The assembly between a poncho and slim pants occupies the second position of the ranking. Thus, to benefit from a look even more sophisticated and even more attractive that will make sure to attract attention on you, made the choice of a sober model of poncho in gray color charcoal associated with a slim pants in imitation or leather with a white top. It is a chic fashion and apparently remains very simple. This style generally lets the curves of your thighs show through. Indeed, the combination of poncho and slim pants is very trendy, but it is not the only best fashion present now and although it is not the last of the list.

Poncho with Slim Pants

3 - Ponchos and Boots ❄️

During the winter, a pair of boots goes perfectly with a cotton mesh poncho in which to wrap yourself against the wind and cold. 🌬 The set of combinations formed between a poncho and a pair of boots is very simple, but very nice that will not require you to bother much to look chic and splendid. This style occupies the third place on the ranking since it is just as trendy as the others. Moreover, the outfit formed between a poncho and a pair of boots is perfect for a trendy and chic look without doing too much. You can add a pencil skirt or add a nice black dress suitable for successful evening outings. You could also by the way, make sure to have a poncho model in a noble material such as cashmere or monochrome for even more elegance

4 - A Poncho Vest Printed with Flat Waders 👢

The printed poncho vest with flat waders is a famous fashion that has resurfaced since 2015. The latter consists of wearing boots and waders with the poncho. This style has made its fame and continues to please. This look attracts attention with its rather sophisticated and attractive appearance. It keeps its place in the most trendy combinations with poncho that have even crossed the time without losing their notoriety. However, it is high boots that support the appearance of such a style. Thus, these boots cover from the feet and go up to the knee.

Flat Waders + Poncho