The Different Type of Ponchos

Different Type of Ponchos -

The Different Type of Ponchos

You want to go to a party, a party with friends or to an event of any type and you find yourself in the embarrassment with regard to the choice of the clothing combination to make to look more chic and more remarkable? If you find yourself facing this kind of situation, you don't have to worry anymore, ponchos come to solve your problem by offering you a trendier and up to your expectations style of combination. However, there are various types of ponchos that could please you, here are some.


In order to keep you out of the cold, capes ponchos are the best! It offers you a warm feeling, you will feel comfortable and protected from the coolness. The capes poncho is usually simple and refined. Especially if you have beautiful shapes, it is made for you. Generally, designed in a Mexican style, it is pleasant to wear during the colder season. Moreover, the particularity of this type of poncho is that they are timeless, so you can keep them for many years.

Capes Ponchos for Women


The ruana is a type of poncho, another variant from Venezuela, Colombia and more precisely from the Andes region. Indeed, the ruana is a poncho that normally goes down to the knee and hangs over the shoulders. Also, this type of poncho can be accompanied by a belt that could be attached to it in passing. The latter normally features a thick waist with a more moderate look. In addition, these often feature striped printed fabrics that give you a splendid feel.

In addition, there are also different ranges of models such as the ruana Colombiana which still includes other kinds of ponchos such as the ruana crochet HAT, the Boyacá, the capota ... In addition, it should be remembered that the ruana is a type of poncho that puts special emphasis on the design.


This type of product still called fur poncho is very popular with the stars and fashion actors. The fur poncho is trendier during the seasons of low temperatures, united elegance and softness by a perfect mix of various types of sizes and clothing. The latter is perfect for your winter outings, in addition to protecting you from the cold it seductively and subtly presents your body especially for your feminity.

Moreover, the fur poncho meets all your physical dispositions and responds according to your expectations. So, if you are tall, for example, you need a long poncho and if not, there are still short fur ponchos that would suit you very well. As for curvy women, the mid-length ponchos will highlight them. The fur poncho is a very sexy garment that goes well with pants, leather skirts and others.

Fur Poncho


Generally worn to protect from the rain, the Rain Poncho have the ability not to absorb water and keep you dry in any situations. Their use is solicited for the most part in the rainy seasons. They are made of substantial waterproof materials with a simple opening for the head that also allows you to keep your head dry. This variant of poncho also incorporates pockets to its style and is usually longer. It's perfect and easy to store into your bag if you need to do camping with friends or biking.

Rain Poncho


The turtleneck poncho is this type of poncho that is very comfortable and simple at the same time. They wrap the shoulders nicely and the soft mesh of its style flatters the figure. This poncho is simple and easy to combine, it easily goes over jeans or slim pants, it is usually made of lightweight fabric. It is made for a sophisticated, but very modest style. There are turtleneck ponchos made of wool, cotton and cashmere to keep you adequately protected. It is often long and comes down to the arms and below the waist.


The hooded poncho for men and women is suitable for all genders. There are some for men and also for women and for all styles. It is often made of wool, fur or acrylic. The hooded poncho is made to keep you cool or rain at the same time, it gives you a very cozy and chic look depending on the models. Also, the fabric in which hooded ponchos are made generally offers you the feature of being more relaxed and laid back.

Ultimately, ponchos are large sheets of fabric with a centered opening to allow the head to enter. Easy to put-on, this style of clothing is very popular in the fashion market. However, to have a better style for your outings and events, the poncho would be very suitable through the sets of typical combinations that it offers. These combinations are easy to make, so to stay fashionable, there are a good number of types of poncho that helps you stay trendy and meets your expectations such as the models seen above. Apart from these, there are still others that can satisfy your thirst for trend and are just as easy to combine.

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